Working with Images

Modified: 22 Nov 2017 17:37 UTC
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Virtual Machines Images or "Images" are master copies of operating systems that are built to be deployed an infinite number of times. They consist of an OS volume in the form of a file, and a "manifest" that describes the contents of that file and the requirements of the operating system therein.

Images that are provided by Joyent are called "Seed Images". It is possible to build images from the seed images in an iterative process. A list of seed images is published on, the API which provides images to SDC customers, and SmartOS users. If you cannot find a brand new seed image, then you can read the "How to create a seed image" How-to.

Building a new image from an existing image is much easier than creating a new one from scratch. To learn how to create an image from an existing seed image, read How to Create a Virtual Machine Image.

At a Glance

These topics and subtopics describe how to use machine images in SmartDataCenter. SmartDataCenter also uses the term "datasets" to refer to images.