Troubleshooting SmartDataCenter

Modified: 27 Nov 2017 20:44 UTC
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This page describes how to fix problems you may run into when running a SmartDataCenter.

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Resolving Provisioning Issues

Examining the provisioner log

Looking at the provisioner log is the first step in resolving provisioning problems.

To look at the provisioner log:

  1. Log in to the head node.
  2. Use zlogin to log in to the mapi zone.
    zlogin mapi
  3. The provisioner logs are in /opt/smartdc/mapi/log.
    cd /opt/smartdc/mapi/log
  4. The log is in the file named provisioner.log. Use vi or more to look at it.
    vi provisioner.log
  5. Type :q! to exit vi.

Problems provisioning with Public API or Customer Portal

Be sure to specify a default package. If you don't, you will not be able to provision a SmartMachine with the Public API or Operator Portal.

Examining Services

One of the most common reasons for a failure is that a service is not running properly.

Finding services that are not running

From the head node, you can look at the status of the processes in all of the application zones.

To find out which services are not running in every zone use this command:

svcs -Zxv

To find out which services are not running in a partiular zone, use this command:

svcs -z <ZoneName> -xv

For example, to find out if there are any processes not running on the portal zone, you would type:

svcs -z portal -xv

To examine the logs of a particular service in a particular zone use this command:

svcs -L -z <ZoneName> <ProcessName>

For example, to look at the logs for the portal process on the portal zone, you would do this:

  1. Find the log.
    [root@headnode (coal:0) ~]# svcs -L -z portal portal
  2. Use vi or more to examine the log:
    vi /zones/portal/root/var/svc/log/smartdc-site-portal:default.log
  3. Type :q! to exit vi.

Working with Joyent Support

SmartDataCenter includes tools that can help collect information about your system configuration.

Sending support bundles to Joyent

SmartDataCenter includes a feature to create and optionally send a support bundle to Joyent that helps Joyent Support troubleshoot problems with your installation. This bundle includes a number of logs and configuration files from your SmartDataCenter installation.

You can learn how to create and send support bundles here

At a Glance

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