Setting Up a New Compute Node

Modified: 22 Nov 2017 17:38 UTC
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This page describes how to set up a new compute node using the Operations Portal.

When you connect a new compute node to a head node's network, the netboot sequence boots the compute node from the USB key on the head node. At this point the compute node is running SmartOS, but nothing has been written to its disk.

In order to make a compute node usable, you need to set it up. This process installs the file system on the compute node along with the software it needs to communicate with the head node. After it's set up, the compute node needs to be marked as provisionable in order to start provisioning machines on it.

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At a Glance

Before you can provision machines on a new compute node, you must set it up first.

The easiest way to set up a compute node is with the Operations Portal. You can also set up compute nodes using MAPI .


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