Provisioning a New SmartMachine

Modified: 27 Nov 2017 20:44 UTC
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To provision a new SmartMachine on a compute node using the Operations Portal, follow these steps.

  1. Choose SmartMachines from the buttons along the left side of the Operations Portal.
  2. Click Provision New SmartMachine in the light blue bar.

  3. Enter the name of the SmartMachine Owner. This must be an existing customer.

  4. Choose a Package and a Dataset. You can optionally select the compute node for the SmartMachine.
  5. You can give the new SmartMachine a host name or an alias name. If you don't provide an alias name, SmartDataCenter uses a unique UUID as the name. The alias name must contain no more than 32 alphanumeric characters (no spaces), and it must be unique within the data center.
  6. If you want to select different Logical Networks than the default network for the package, click Modify Networks.
  7. Click Provision to provision the SmartMachine.

  8. When the SmartMachine is provisioned the status will say Running and the IP address associated with the tagged netword appears in the Network section.
At a Glance

Once you've set up a compute node, you can use the Operations Portal to provision SmartMachines on it.

You can also provision SmartMachines using MAPI.