Contacting Joyent Support

Modified: 17 Apr 2017 13:08 UTC

Joyent offers several levels of support.

Information needed when contacting Support

When contacting Joyent support it is very helpful that you have this information available.

This information is vital for Joyent Engineers to assist you quickly:

IP address of system:

We need to know which system you are having an issue with.

Please make sure you give us the IP, hostname or UUID of your system so that we can log into it.

Description of the issue:

Give a full very verbose description of the issue you are having with your system. Include information of what services are not working and exactly what you are doing. The more information the better.

For example:

"Webserver for is not serving pages and I am unable to ping the IP ( 123.456.123.456 ) from my home office workstation."

Changes made to your system:

Please let us know if you have made any changes to your system.

This includes package updates, new version of application code applied, changes to configuration files and anything else that may have changed.

Monitoring information:

You really should have monitoring and alerting enabled for your application and servers.

Not only does monitoring assist you with capacity planning, but, when issues happen you can provide Joyent support with access to your monitoring so that we can quickly assist you.

Send support screen captures of the alerts that you are getting from your systems.

Traceroute from your workstation to your Joyent host:

If you are having a network issue from your workstation to your server, please send up the output of traceroute.

This helps us see if there is a network issue and where is may exist.


Sending an email to is the best way to get help.

This allows you to attache files and provide the above information we need to assist you.

When sending in a request that requires Joyent to modify your Triton Compute Service portal, you will need to send this email from an authorized email address.

If we can not verify that you are authorized for an Triton Compute Service portal we will have to email you back (causing a delay) to assist you. It is always best to send request from an authorized email Triton Compute Service portal for fastest service.


Fill out the form at

If you have access to your email, please send an email to, so that we can verify your identity from an email that you send us and you can easily attach files.

We have the web form as a back up to contact Joyent support in the event that you can not send us email.

If you need to use the web form, please send us as much information as you can about the issues that you are having.


Extended support contract needed.

Contact for more information about getting an extended support contract.