SmartMachine Tools Package

Modified: 17 Jun 2015 14:32 UTC

The smtools package, available in the 2012Q1 pkgsrc repository and later, includes several tools that make it easier to manage your SmartMachine.

This table lists the tools available in the smtools package.

Tool Description
sm-cpuinfo Collect information from the system on CPU usage.
sm-create-db Setup and create a MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
sm-create-dbuser Setup and create a MySQL or PostgreSQL database user.
sm-create-vhost Setup and install a virtual server.
sm-install-drupal Setup and install a Drupal Content Management System (CMS).
sm-install-wordpress Setup and install a WordPress blog.
sm-list-dbs Generate a list of installed databases from MySQL or PostgreSQL.
sm-list-dbusers Generate a list of database users from MySQL or PostgreSQL.
sm-list-timezones Generate a list of supported timezones.
sm-lsof Show the mapping between processes and ports.
sm-meminfo Collect information from the system on memory usage.
sm-pcp Determine the mapping for processes and ports.
sm-prepare-image Prepare a SmartMachine to serve as the basis for a SmartMachine image.
sm-reboot Reboot the SmartMachine.
sm-remove-db Remove a MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
sm-remove-dbuser Remove a MySQL or PostgreSQL database user.
sm-set-hostname Set the hostname for a SmartMachine.
sm-set-timezone Set the timezone for a SmartMachine.
sm-shutdown Shutdown the SmartMachine.
sm-summary Collect information from the system on various properties of the SmartMachine.
sm-tune-mysql Automatically tune a MySQL database.