Hashicorp Terraform

Modified: 22 Nov 2017 17:37 UTC

Hashicorp's Terraform is a powerful tool to create, manage, and version reproducible infrastructure, including compute resources and upstack services. From the Terraform.io website:

Terraform allows you to effortlessly combine high-level system providers with your own or with each other. Launch a server from one cloud provider, add a DNS entry with its IP with a different provider. Built-in dependency resolution means things happen in the right order.

Terraform can manage all three types of Triton compute resources as first order objects:

  1. Bare-metal Docker containers. These run the Docker images you expect, but without complication of having to run them in a virtual machine or prepare the infrastructure first.
  2. Infrastructure containers. These work like hardware virtual machines, but perform like the bare metal containers they are.
  3. Hardware virtual machines. These allow flexibility to run Windows or other non-Linux operating systems.

Installation and usage

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