NodeJS SmartMachine Release Notes

Modified: 14 Jan 2015 19:50 UTC

Below are the release notes for the NodeJS SmartMachine appliance image.

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  • Base image is base-13.1.0 (pkgsrc 2013Q1)
  • MongoDB version is 2.2.2
  • Node.jS version is 0.10.5
  • Quickbackup-mongodb version is 2.7
  • Added MongoDB MMS and installed by default (pkgsrc/mms-agent)

Version 1.4.x


Major Changes

  • Refactoring of nodejs-1.3.x image
    • This version is no longer based off of previous Node.js images and is now based off of the Base SmartMachine image (base-1.8.1).
    • This version no longer includes git-deploy hooks. If you use this image and plan to deploy your Node.js applications through Git, you will need to use a PaaS such as nodejitsu. You can use the 1.3.3 image if you still prefer to manage your application deployment through Git. However, you will need to manage updates to Node.js on your own. See this for help with updating Node.js on the 1.3.3 image.
    • This version no longer includes a node-service running by default. You will need to define a node SMF manifest. You can do that using Manifold
  • Node.js 0.8.11 installed by default
  • MongoDB 2.2.0 installed by default
  • Quickbackup 2.6 installed by default
  • htop,sdctools,dtracetools,smtools,git,gcc,smartdc tools installed
  • Includes new style motd and product file

Version 1.3.x


Major Changes

At a Glance

Release notes for the NodeJS SmartMachine appliance.