Triton images

Modified: 08 Oct 2018 18:31 UTC

An image is a binary distribution of software which is deployed to be run in a container or virtual machine. This can be a template for an application, a database, an operating system, or other software. Images also contain permissions for specific Triton accounts as well as information which may connect the instance to other instances.

Joyent offers pre-configured software images for the three classes of compute instances we offer. Some images include pre-configured user accounts and useful applications to run a web stack out-of-box. You can run these images exactly as is or modify them to suit your needs.

If you prefer to setup your environment from scratch, you can provision a bare-bones image in which you compile the applications you want to use yourself. You can also provision images pre-configured as a database or load balancer.

Docker images

Docker images on Triton can come from a variety of registries, public and private. See detailed documentation for connecting to those registries in instancesDockerregistries.

Infrastructure images

Infrastructure containers running container-native Linux and SmartOS, or pre-configured installations of up-stack software such as databases or load balancers offer the advantage of bare-metal performance with the elasticity of containers and security that's only available using Triton.

See information about available images, including bare operating systems and configured applications in instancesinfrastructure containersimages. Also see details about creating a custom container-native image.

Virtual machine images

Not every workload can be deployed as a container. We also offer images for HVM-based hardware virtual machines to support the broadest range of legacy or special purpose operating systems.

See information about virtual machine images, including bare operating systems and configured applications in instanceshardware virtual machinesimages.

Available images include FreeBSD, Linux (not container-native), and Windows.