New Relic Application Monitoring

Modified: 14 Jul 2015 20:46 UTC
Joyent customers get free New Relic Standard and 15% discount on all New Relic Solutions.

New Relic is an on-demand application monitoring and optimization solution that can identify and resolve performance issues for Ruby, JRuby, Java, PHP and .NET applications. Monitor, troubleshoot and tune production web apps 24×7. New Relic includes Real User Monitoring (RUM) to analyze user requests in real time, offering insights about user experience including page load times, time in request queue, how long a page takes to render, and Apdex score. In addition, New Relic includes dashboard to visualize performance metrics by geography, by longest time in queue, throughput, and so on.

Sign up for your free New Relic account here.

Once you log in, select Support and follow the instructions for the application platform you wish to monitor.

If you require assistance, send a ticket to

New Relic has an API that you can use. More information is at:

Automating New Relic Install Script - Please note download path or filename may change, verify here
# install newrelic
# Your New Relic License Key
wget /root
gtar xvf /root/newrelic-php5-
cd /root/newrelic-php5-
./newrelic-install << EOF
<your newrelic license key here, found under the Account Settings pulldown menu>
echo '' >> /opt/local/etc/php.ini
svcadm restart apache